Customer Charter

Here at Cubed Homes we are committted to ensuring that you receive the highest standard of service and quality in purchasing your new home.

That's why we make the following commitments to you in our Cubed Homes Customer Charter:

  • We have undertaken to comply with the Consumer Code for Home Builders. A copy of the Consumer Code is in your Home Buyers Information Pack. A copy is also available on request.

    Information relating to the Code is available on the following website:

  • Our marketing and advertising will be clear and helpful.

  • We will provide detailed information, in clear terms, about the property we are selling to you prior to you making a binding commitment to purchase.

  • You should choose and appoint your own solicitor or conveyancer to represent your interests and deal with the legal formalities of buying your home.

  • We will explain how we protect your deposit. If we receive other pre-payments from you we will tell you how we deal with them.

  • The terms and conditions in our missives (in England 'contract of sale') will be clear and fair.

  • We will make your cancellation rights and your rights to a refund of any deposit and reservation fees clear to you.

  • We will give you reliable information about the timing of the construction, date of entry (in England 'legal completion') and handover of the property. Once the date of entry is set we will ensure that ownership of the property is transferred to you and that we adequately demonstrate the functions and the facilities of your home to you.

  • The Home Buyers Information Pack will include all the operating instructions for your home.

  • Our Home Buyers Information Pack informs you about the Warranty and any guarantees on fittings that are provided.

We always aim to be helpful, efficient and professional in out relationship with our customers. If you feel you have not been afforded the level of service to which we are committed, please in the first instance, contact the sales agent for the scheme.